Does the coop help with questions we may have?

Yes!  If you have a questions, you can call or email the director and she will find the answer.  Questions and answers are shared with the entire coop so others may learn from your questions.  (No name is attached to the question unless the person asking would like direct response from other coop members.) 

Will I have to spend time on bidding?

We have a volunteer bid committee that you can be a part of if you choose. The only bidding outside of this would be if your school wants to bid out milk and bread.

Will I still be able to order products we are used to ordering?

Yes! Kohl Wholesale makes every effort to add items your schools are used to serving your students.

Will I have access to a distributor salesperson?

Yes! Each district is assigned a representative. You also have access to a dietician that makes up menu's for you, a chef that will come to your school and a commodity specialist.

Have more questions that are not addressed here?

Please email our director, Jessica Haywood at jhaywood@roe35.org or call her at 815-434-0780.